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Student Special: Long-distance Clear Aligners Treatment
Worried that going to university or college will slow down your current orthodontic treatment? Thinking of getting clear aligners but unsure because you are going far away to university? Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics uses the Dental Monitoring phone app so you can have college AND great teeth. More here.
Brushing Teachers at Royal Oak Elementary School
Did your teacher ever dress up as a tooth and let you brush her? No? Then you missed out on a great experience which these students had...and they learned a lot about tooth care and orthodontics at the same time. Find out here some of the surprising things they now know.
Orthodontics for Children: How Old and Why
Orthodontic treatment for your child: Ok to wait until the teen years? Better to do it now? Maybe yes, maybe no. Dr. Antosz and Dr. Vincelli of AV Orthodontics have the answers you need right here.

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