Supporting the Community

Did you read our Help Us Help Kids at Christmas blog about the Shamrock Children's Christmas Society, which our staff member Meagan supports?

Meagan and Santa

This past Christmas, we asked you to partner with us to boost this organization's fine work. We'd like to congratulate you on a super job!

Here are our results:

We fed 51 families, including 132 children.

All together, we gave 214 people a Christmas holiday dinner.

Isn’t that wonderful! That's 214 people that had a wonderful Christmas all thanks to your generosity!

Thanks for your help! We couldn't have done it without you!

What is the mission of the Shamrock Children's Christmas Society?

Established 40 years ago, this Society aims to fulfill the Christmas dreams of kids (and their families) who might not have such a happy Christmas.

Local schools identify families that need a helping hand. Then, the Society finds out more details so they can help as many as possible.

Their Christmas gift package includes toys and/or clothes for each child PLUS everything needed for a family holiday dinner.

Thank you once again for helping Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics in Calgary support this charity!

And thanks to Meagan for bringing this important organization to our attention.

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