Patient Rewards

Your “Superhero Passport” is your opportunity to get rewards for good oral care.


Here’s how it works

You get stamps in your "Superhero Passport" for each visit to our orthodontic office in Calgary. These stamps accumulate and can be "cashed in" at any time for a reward. The more stamps accumulated, the bigger the reward you can get. Don’t want to wait? Cash in your stamps immediately for a small reward.


There are different types of rewards for kids and adults. Kids can get various toys and candy. Adults can get gift cards for different places.


Double stamp possibilities

Sometimes, there are opportunities for getting double stamps such as answering the riddle of the month, dressing up as your favourite superhero or Star Wars character, or posting a positive review on Facebook with the correct hashtag.

More stamp possibilities

Getting stamps at your Calgary Orthodontist (us, in other words) is not your only option.

Are you going to your dentist or dental hygienist to get your teeth cleaned? Don’t forget to take along your Superhero Passport! Getting your teeth cleaned also earns you a stamp.

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Braces for Kids

Growth correction at a younger age can prevent much more complicated treatment.

Four of our family members have been under the care of Dr Antosz and Dr Vincelli. The practice is very well organized, and the staff are always great. -Jason Armstrong