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Dr Antosz and Dr Vincelli, as superhero orthodontists, Programming aligners? What does that mean?


"Good orthodontic treatment is not a race. "

We begin with the software.

It's all programmed in the computer. There's software that we use called Clincheck. And in the Clincheck, Dr. Antosz and Dr Vincelli, we actually physically move the teeth in the computer. We work with Invisalign® to see the timeframe (from when to when) we want certain teeth to move and when other teeth should not move

We create a series of aligners.

We then program that into the aligners to make a whole sequence of aligners. The patients basically change their aligners every week, working through the programmed sequence. And that's how the teeth move.

In other words, first using software to get the correct sequence or movement, not movement and then programming these directions into weekly sets of aligners.

How is this different from the process with braces?

What happens with braces is as soon as you put them on, teeth start to move at each point. Although you have an overall plan, it gets modified because during each visit, you're seeing how the patient's teeth responded. You then decide whether to keep to your plan or change it slightly as needed. In other words, you’re making choices all through the process.

When you're using clear aligners, you do all of the work at the beginning. You map out exactly what's going to happen when, so it's much more work intensive at the start. But if you've laid out a good plan that's going to actually work, then your job is much easier all the way through the rest of the treatment. Having said that, we check during the patient’s regular visits just to be sure that things are going according to plan.

In other words, the basic difference is in orthodontics with regular braces, you're reassessing all the way through. With aligners, you do almost all of the work up front.

Whether it’s work up front or reassessing all the way through, our staff at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics look forward to serving your needs.

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  Posted: Wed Jun 16th 2021 12:30am  7 months ago


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