Calgary Orthodontist

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Ziana Esmail who will be joining us at both our Market Mall and Aspen Landing locations. We’re so happy she’s part of the team!

The entire team of Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics is thrilled to welcome you on board, Dr. Esmail!

Dr. Ziana Esmail

Dr. Esmail was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She completed her Bachelor of Science at Mc Gill University and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery with distinction from the University of Western Ontario. She was awarded the Ontario Dental Association Proficiency award for demonstrating merit in dentistry and making meaningful contributions.

Dr. Esmail furthered her education by completing a General Practice Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. While there, she received clinical training in hospital dentistry, treating medically compromised and special needs patients. She then moved to central Canada to complete her Masters of Science in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics at the University of Manitoba.

In her personal time, Dr. Esmail enjoys practising yoga, immersing herself in nature with hiking and camping, and exploring new countries. After moving around Canada, she is excited to return to her roots and provide quality orthodontic care in her home city.

Calgary Orthodontist

  Posted: Thu Jul 8th 2021 12:30am  6 months ago


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Growth correction at a younger age can prevent much more complicated treatment.

Everyone I’ve had help me out has been super friendly and welcoming. Sharing the timeline and plan of your work is also very beneficial, so you can plan accordingly. -Max Lettich