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Why should I see an orthodontist when a ton of the work is done with computers?


"A computer simulation that aligns teeth is moving pixels around, not actual teeth and bone."

Obviously, the human body is not a machine.

Every set of teeth reacts differently to the forces that we apply with the aligners. While the computer predicts that the tooth will move a certain way, the tooth may move differently depending on a variety of factors (the person's age, bone structure, etc.) So, we often do regular assessments to see how things are tracking, and a lot of times, things don't pan out as we planned. Then, we have to reassess, do another scan, and then do another set of trays.

We use orthodontic biomechanics to get the job done.

Neither aligners nor braces work on a “one size fits all” basis. Just because we think or the computer says that a tooth is going to move into that position, it doesn't mean it's going to actually move.

In fact, in some of these treatments that we do, the actual movements that we’ve set up look absolutely impossible. If you understand orthodontic biomechanics you might think there's no way you could ever get there…and sometimes this is right, but here’s what happens:

We set things up to get part of the way there.

We evaluate as we go along. If we see everything is happening as planned, we continue. If we see that we have done all that we can, we stop at that.

There’s both a science and an art to knowing how far to push the teeth and when to say “enough.”

That’s why you need a human involved. A computer simulation that aligns is moving pixels around, not actual teeth and bone. It cannot always understand what is feasible and what’s not going to happen.

Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics blends the optimum AI + human touch in every treatment.

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  Posted: Thu Jul 22nd 2021 12:30am  6 months ago


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