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Dr Antosz and Dr Vincelli, as superhero orthodontists, which kind of orthodontic treatment is the fastest? In other words, which is best for getting results quickly.


"Good orthodontic treatment is not a race. "

“It's very easy to do poor orthodontic treatment. But to do things properly, you have to take the time and pay attention to detail. And that is the difference between good care and bad care.

There are a lot of people doing bad orthodontics out there. You can make lots of money doing bad orthodontics because you can do it fast. You just say, ‘Well, we did the best we could.’

And everybody's happy until 10 years later. Then, they're not so happy. They realize too late that there could have been so much more done.”

In orthodontic situations, slowness can be a virtue.

Just like the slow food movement, which is dedicated to preserving high standard, nutritious food… Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics is dedicated to “slow” orthodontics—taking the time to give the best possible treatment and aftercare.

Calgary Orthodontist

  Posted: Wed May 26th 2021 12:00pm  8 months ago


For over 30 years, we've been helping people resolve painful, destructive jaw problems (TMD).


We have creative solutions for the most complex problems, avoiding extractions and surgery.

Braces for Kids

Growth correction at a younger age can prevent much more complicated treatment.

Great staff. Love the games for entertainment pre-COVID as well as the decor. My son loves the stamps and random draws. Nice that you offered hot beverages pre-COVID, too. -Jordan Heglin