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If only my bottom teeth are crooked, why do I need braces on the top too?


"You always treat both. If you straighten the teeth in one arch and you do nothing in the other, it's not gonna fit. Then you're just going to trade one problem for another. "

Here’s an anecdote I once heard from another orthodontist years ago. He said he had someone come in and they just wanted their bottom teeth straightened. The orthodontist said he had to straighten everything. The patient said, “No, no, I just want the bottom,” to which the orthodontist replied, “Okay, if you want the bottom, I will do the bottom. I'm going to charge you twice as much.” “What? How come?” exclaimed the patient. “Well,” said the orthodontist, “now I've got to work harder to try and make those straight bottom teeth match up with the top.”

So, that's to say, if you want me to treat only one arch, then it will cost twice as much since it is harder to do the job.

Whether it’s work up front or reassessing all the way through, our staff at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics look forward to serving your needs.

Calgary Orthodontist

  Posted: Fri Aug 20th 2021 12:30am  5 months ago


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Growth correction at a younger age can prevent much more complicated treatment.

The tech we had yesterday was AMAZING. She was thoughtful and patient and really had a great rapport with my Tyson. I would love if we could have her every time as it was by far our best experience at your clinic. -Submitted By: Tyson Laviolette