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At Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics in Calgary, we're more than just a team dedicated to providing orthodontic treatment and good service — we're more like family!

So, this month, we'd like to feature Taryn.

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, you can get to know her below. (And if you have, did you know these things about her?)



Tell us something about yourself. Brag a little!

I am originally from Saskatchewan. I moved to Calgary in 2007 to take Dental Assisting at SAIT. My husband is also from Saskatchewan, and we are big Roughrider fans and go watch every time they are here.

What do you do at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics?

I am an Orthodontic Dental Assistant

What's your favourite thing about working at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics?

I love being able to help transform patients' smiles.

Have you had any orthodontic work? When? Tell us a little more.

I had braces when I was a teenager. I thought the whole process was really interesting and that was when I decided that I wanted to be an orthodontic assistant.

Do you have any children, grandchildren? Share a little about them.

I have two young children, a boy and a girl. They are less than two years apart and keep us very busy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who is your role model? Who do you admire? List three things you like about them.

I have always admired Hayley Wickenheiser, being also from a small town in Saskatchewan. She is a great role model for young female hockey players and has paved the way for future female players.

What makes you laugh?

Getting together and playing games with friends usually leads to lots of laughter.

Let's talk about hobbies. When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

When I’m not working I enjoy playing hockey, snowboarding, running, wakesurfing and spending time with my family and friends.

What was your last halloween costume?

I dressed up as a scarecrow last year for Halloween.

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Every visit has been great. Everyone who has worked on Sabrina has been fantastic, very friendly, and answered all sorts of questions. Sabrina really enjoys all the super hero and Star Wars things to check out as well as earning points and prizes ;-) -Sabrina Rounding