High Standards, Great Staff, Innovation


High Standards, Great Staff, Innovation

Calgary orthodontist Dr. Mark Antosz began his orthodontic practice in 1988 and has remained in its current location since 1990. Dr. Robert Vincelli joined the practice in 2017 and together they have developed a synergy based on Dr. Antosz’s knowledge and experience and Dr. Vincelli’s own training and creativity.

Calgary orthodontists Drs. Antosz and Vincelli feel that value for the orthodontic care they provide does not come from cutting corners. True value comes from high standards, a determination to provide effective yet practical care, and from investing in their staff and innovation. They employ experienced and capable staff who excel not only technically but in their “service before self” attitudes.

Innovations such as 3D X-ray imaging allow for improved diagnostic capabilities. Intra-oral scanners and 3D printing eliminate messy impressions and create a more pleasant experience for their patients.

Drs. Antosz and Vincelli believe that creating healthy bites will be of far better value in the long term than “just straight teeth” that “do-it-yourself” storefronts and those doing “three month” treatments offer.

For some children, well-designed early treatment to guide jaw growth before the adult teeth are in can lead to better results with less complicated treatment when they’re older. The Antosz/Vincelli team has been routinely screening children for breathing-related sleep disorders for the last decade.

The doctors also have a great deal of experience helping adults who didn’t benefit from orthodontic treatment at a younger age and now have either failing teeth, painful jaw problems, or both.

It’s never too early or too late to consider effective orthodontic care. Drs. Antosz and Vincelli provide complementary initial assessments so every person regardless of age can learn what their options are.

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