Madisen: Former Patient Now Staff Member


Madisen: Former Patient Now Staff Member

Can you imagine feeling so good about your orthodontist’s clinic in Calgary that you want to work there?

Meet Madisen—former patient now working as receptionist/dental assistant at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics in Calgary.

Madisen explained:

“Dr. Antosz did my treatment when I was 12. I had an Expander, Herbst, and Braces. In the last few years, I had some TMD issues, so I wore a splint and then had Invisalign®.”

Madisen really enjoys working at the clinic because

“The staff are all so fun and nice!”

Active in her free time

Madisen said,

“I love to travel and be by the water. I like to paddleboard and kayak.”

Perhaps not a lot of free time

Madisen is mom to two daughters aged 1 and 4. So, perhaps she doesn’t get on the water as much as she would like, but when the girls get a bit older…

Always up for a laugh

To the question, “What makes you laugh?” Madisen replied,

“Other people’s laughs.”

(Feel free to test this out if you want.)

Alter ego

If Madisen were a superhero, she would be Iron Woman!

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