Message from Dr. Antosz and Dr. Vincelli — We Miss You!


Message from Dr. Antosz and Dr. Vincelli — We Miss You!

Dr. Antosz & Dr. Vincelli have a special message for you!

Dr. Vincelli and I and our entire Calgary orthodontic team miss all of you very much. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy, and we can’t wait to see you again soon.

We’re doing this video to update you as to what’s happening in our practice with regards to COVID-19. Our regulatory body, the Alberta Dental Association College, has made it mandatory that all non-emergency elective dental procedures are to be suspended until further notice, however, we are able to help you in an emergency.

If you are having any problems or any pain, we are here for you. Please call our office at 403-247-3250 for help and instructions.

We really want to prevent any unnecessary emergencies, so it’s going to be up to you to be more careful than ever. We have a few recommendations.

Hey guys, Dr. Vincelli here. Hope you guys are all doing well, that you’re staying safe and healthy. I’d just like to continue on about what Dr. Antosz was talking about —our recommendations during this difficult time.

  • So first things first. Please make sure you are taking good care of your teeth: that means brushing well and flossing well. The last thing we want right now is for you to have any dental problems. So please keep those teeth clean.
  • For those of you in braces, please make sure you take good care of the braces. Avoid any hard and sticky foods that could break off the braces because at this point, we’re not actually allowed to repair any broken brackets.
  • If you’re wearing elastics with your braces, wear the elastics as we prescribed and give our office a call if you’re running low on elastics. We can arrange a way for you to pick up the elastics.
  • For those of you with retainers or Invisalign® aligners, take good care of those as well because we can’t actually replace any broken or missing retainers or aligners at this time.
  • For those of you with aligners, we usually recommend changing the aligners every week, but at this point, we actually recommend changing them every two weeks. The reason for that is to minimize the risk of you running out of the liners before this pandemic is over.

We’re taking all of these measures to make sure that none of us are exposed to any unnecessary risk. You should be aware that because of the advanced technology that we use, your treatment should continue to progress despite us not being able to see you as often as scheduled.

We’re also not sitting around. This pandemic is a wake-up call for the world, and we’re consulting with our colleagues and other specialists so that when life starts getting back to whatever the new normal looks like, we are well prepared to provide the best and safest care and the best experience for our families in that new world.

We’re here to answer any questions that you may have. Our office number is 403-247-3250.

We’re looking forward to the end of these difficult times and to seeing you again soon.

I hope you guys are all doing well. Stay safe, practice social distancing, and we hope to see you soon. We miss you guys, so take care, bye-bye!

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