New Year’s Resolutions…with a Dental Twist


New Year’s Resolutions…with a Dental Twist

We all know about New Year’s resolutions…

…those things we make, vow to keep, and (often) don’t.

Your invitation to something different

This year, Dr. Antosz and Dr. Vincelli In Calgary invite you to change it up with some Dental Resolutions.

Resolution #1: Improving Your Smile

There are a lot of tooth-whitening and bleaching products on the market.

That’s not what superhero orthodontists Dr. Mark Antosz and Dr. Robert Vincelli are talking about. When they say improving your smile, they mean creating healthy bites.

For children, that could mean well-designed early treatment to guide jaw growth so their adult teeth can come in with better results.

For adults, they are speaking about treatment for failing teeth and/or painful jaw problems for those who did not have orthodontic treatment at a younger age.

Resolution #2: Braces

It is usually never too late to benefit from braces. Yes, that means adults, too.

Invisalign® & braces can improve your smile (back to Resolution #1), but more importantly, they can also improve your oral health.

Expert orthodontists like those at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics in Calgary will professionally assess your needs and fit you with the Invisalign® or braces that are right for you and your teeth.

Resolution #3: Routine Dental Visits

Even if you do nothing else, make a deal with yourself to visit your dentist regularly. Routine dental visits help you catch any problems early, making it easier (and less expensive) to fix them.

Once every 6 months is the recommended schedule. If you think about it, you probably bring your car in for servicing more frequently. Surely, your teeth are as (if not more) important?

Improved oral health can lead to feeling better about ourselves.

When you smile, you give two gifts: one to the person receiving your smile and one to yourself.

Keeping to your dental resolutions can give you added confidence to smile…and smile widely.

WHY the fuss about smiling?

Research shows that happy faces appear to have a motivational effect on others. As a result, it seems that people who show happiness and cheer enjoy better social relationships.

That’s a New Year’s gift worth having, right?

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