Orthodontics: Like Finding a Contractor to Build Your Home


Orthodontics: Like Finding a Contractor to Build Your Home

A reputable builder

You can find a reputable builder with a long history in the community, the best tools and great trades, who has a track record for building wonderful homes and who stands behind their work.

A builder who will do it cheaper

You can also find a builder who will do it cheaper. They may have just started up. They could have decent tools and some OK trades. But to build it cheaper, they have to cut corners somewhere. The end result can look nice, but you run into problems (and it could be years later) because of the compromises. By that time, that builder has gone under, and you can’t find anyone to take responsibility.

This would be the “cut-rate” Calgary orthodontic practice where the only focus is on lower fees and not the quality of care.

A really cheap builder

And then, you can find a REALLY cheap builder who only has 1 tool (a hammer) and untrained trades. They could build you something that might look like a house eventually, but it may not stand up very long.

This would be the dentist whose only tool would be Invisalign®.

Build it yourself

Or, you can build it yourself. A company can sell you a VERY expensive hammer, make lots of money, yet it doesn’t have to take ANY responsibility for the end result (which likely won’t be very good).

This would be the DIY orthodontic companies.

You can always find someone cheaper. But is it the same? Will you pay a bigger price later on?

We’re looking forward to helping you soon!

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