To All of Our Former Patients


To All of Our Former Patients

Once upon a time, all of us here in our Calgary orthodontist office spent a lot of time together helping you get a healthy bite.

Many of you continued to keep your retainers and wear them fairly regularly, and that maintained your final result.

Some of you may not have been so diligent. Hey, that happens. Life gets in the way of a lot of things sometimes.

But don’t worry. We still love you. And we’re here to help.

Chances are that, while some teeth may have shifted, the fundamental correction of your bite is still pretty sound. That means that realigning the teeth and regaining that healthy bite might not be so much of a challenge.

Now, some companies are selling people Do-It-Yourself orthodontic kits. This is very profitable for these companies. Setting up equipment to mass produce aligners is not hard. They claim that “orthodontists” review your case, but you can never find out who is responsible if there are problems. There are no x-rays, jaw analysis and other important parts of an orthodontic assessment. They claim that you’ll get a refund if your case isn’t right for DIY, but the number of complaints and examples of inappropriate and harmful treatment being done is only growing. Someone is making a lot of money without having to take any responsibility.

So, why not come on back to where your own Calgary orthodontist can provide proper care for probably about the same cost as a DIY company? We can do that.

Give us a call. We’re in the same place. Dr. Antosz is greyer but has a few more toys. Dr. Vincelli is just as smart but much better looking.

Oh. And by the way, there’s no charge for the visit. We’re looking forward to catching up.

Best regards,

The Team at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics

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