Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim fees from my insurance company?

Each insurance provider has slightly difference procedures, but here is the general overview.

In our Calgary orthodontic office, you will receive claim forms to cover the entire treatment period or until your maximum benefit amount is reached.

You may be able to claim online; please check with your insurance provider. It is your responsibility to make your claims according to your insurance policy requirements. We do not submit claims on your behalf. Most insurance companies will not accept receipts for payment, and they often have time limits for submitting claims.

POINTS TO REMEMBER: Orthodontic specialists do not accept assigned payment from insurance companies. It is not necessary for the orthodontic specialist to fill in the Dental Claim Form as no dental codes are required for orthodontic coverage. Only one Certified Specialist in Orthodontics Standard Information Form is necessary to predetermine benefits, and once approved, no other insurance forms are necessary from the orthodontic office.

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