Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have coverage with more than one insurance company?

With organization and attention to a few basic principles, you will be able to manage your claims resulting from treatment in our Calgary orthodontic practice.

You need to send pre-authorizations to all companies.

Claiming for a child: Each month, the parent with the birthday that falls earlier in the year would claim first with one of the companies, and then send the remainder to the second or third company along with a copy of the explanation of benefits. Remember that you cannot claim more than 100% of what you pay.

Simple rules—always submit the claim first to the benefit plan that belongs to whoever received treatment and to the other benefit provider once you have received your claim payment and statement from the first.

With coordination of benefits, you claim first with the plan you are a member of, then you claim any amount that was not reimbursed with the second plan.

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