Frequently Asked Questions

Will you submit my claims electronically?

As much as all of us in our Calgary orthodontic office would like to be helpful here, we will not be able to submit your claim forms for you. Firstly, we have no relationship with your insurance company, so there is no basis for us to be submitting a claim. Claims must be submitted by the person who has bought the insurance. Secondly, there is no system currently in place for us to claim orthodontic payments electronically. Perhaps in the future…

Some insurance providers do offer online claim submission. If they do, it is usually a user-friendly process as part of their website. These insurance providers have bought an online claim process that was created just for them. As we said earlier, at the moment, there is no national, online claim system.

In case you do make an online claim, take a screenshot of the payment confirmation. If your insurer also sends a confirmation email, make sure you save it. Online claims sometimes get lost, so you need proof that you have submitted one.

If you are not sure, our best advice is to check with your insurance provider and ask them about any electronic claim submission options which they have.

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