Frequently Asked Questions

I have run out of claim forms. What should I do?

You may have a dental plan through an employer or a union, as a student at university, or through a provincial government. Alternatively, you may have arranged for dental insurance on your own. Depending on your plan or insurance, you will be covered for a certain amount of orthodontic treatment.

It would be nice if insurers would pay out as much as we need. However, in general, dental plans and insurance policies have benefit limits. There are two main types of limits. Some have a maximum annual amount. This is the most the insurer will pay for a particular treatment each year. Then, there is the maximum lifetime limit which is the total amount the insurer will pay for a particular treatment over your entire life.

So, Step 1 is to check with your dental plan or insurance company to see if your last payment from them brought you reaching any of these limits. If so, that is why your claims forms have run out. If not, please call our Calgary orthodontic financial coordinator to discuss this. (403) 247-3250.

By the way…the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) works closely with dentists to make sure that they are complying with privacy legislation when handling your personal details. The CDA has worked to create a Standard Claim Form so that the process is easier, no matter which dental plan or insurance you have.

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