Frequently Asked Questions

What are orthodontic problems?

Do your teeth fit together properly? Or perhaps some of them are slightly protruding (angled outward) or even receding (angled inward)? Maybe there are issues with your jaw. All these are examples of orthodontic problems.

Another name for this category of problems is "malocclusion" — bad bite. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to reduce malocclusion to the minimum. Sometimes, it is just not possible to align things 100%.

Most people are born with their orthodontic problems. These include teeth crowding or the opposite — more space than useful between the teeth. Other issues requiring orthodontic treatment are more teeth than usual (or fewer), a cleft palate, and jaw irregularities.

However, some people develop orthodontic problems. Thumb-sucking, dental disease, and accidents that cause loss of teeth or damage to the jaw create orthodontic situations.

No matter how they began, the team at our Calgary orthodontics offices has seen the future problems these situations cause. Examples are individual or general tooth decay, gum disease, and earlier than usual tooth loss. On a day-to-day basis, malocclusion can ruin the joy of eating as it may interfere with proper biting and chewing.

When you come to your free consultation, the Calgary orthodontic team at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics will begin to examine your teeth and jaw to find out what malocclusion issues (or orthodontic problems) you have.

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