Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at my first orthodontic visit?

Is the thought of meeting orthodontic superheroes making you feel a little nervous?

No need. The staff at Antosz Vincelli Orthodontics is one big family…and we are happy to include you, too.


Getting to know you

During your first visit, we will ask questions and examine your mouth to find out exactly what you would like us to do and what the current situation is. This may take a while, but it is important to make sure we have all the details in order to create the most favourable outcome possible. Our examination may include x-rays and teeth impressions.

Getting to know us

You’ll have a chance to meet the people who are going to be involved in your orthodontic treatment. We’re going to be together for a while, and we want to start building a good working relationship.


Treatment plan

Once we have all the details, we will make a general treatment plan. The plan will include information about the expected treatment length, how often you will be visiting us, and the estimated costs. Of course, we will speak about payment options, including how your insurance coverage can help with all or part of the expense.


What’s next?

Our endnote will be making sure you understand when your next appointment is and what we will be doing during that appointment.