Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of straight teeth as an adult?

Straight teeth are healthy teeth. Teeth that aren’t overly crowded are easier to keep clean. This means that adult gums will be healthier, and this will diminish the chances of decay and early tooth loss. All good reasons to visit a Calgary orthodontic office.

Teeth that do not line up properly can cause abnormal wear of tooth surfaces as well as cause excess stress on supporting bone and gum tissue. This can lead to gum disease and the eventual need for dentures.

Many adults suffer from temporomandibular disorders or TMD for short. These disorders can cause jaw clicking, headaches, facial pain and a vast array of symptoms. Proper tooth and jaw position can eliminate these problems.

7 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

  • Easier to Clean. Unlike overlapped or crooked teeth, brushing and flossing are a lot easier to perform on a straight set of teeth.
  • Lowers Risks of Disease.
  • Avoid Losing Teeth.
  • Maintain a Healthy Jawbone.
  • Decrease Chances of Having Digestive Issues.
  • Deal with Fewer Headaches.
  • Fewer Chips, Breaks, or Cracks in Teeth.

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