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Antosz Vincelli in Calgary and Canmore Alberta has integrated advanced technology into the orthodontic treatment process to enhance patient comfort levels while gathering high-quality data to create detailed and effective treatment plans for specific audiences.

Our goal is to provide each patient with the highest standard of care and a superior patient experience
throughout orthodontic treatment.

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Early Childhood Assessment

Because treatment can begin before growth is complete and permanent teeth have erupted, early assessment (7-8 years old) can make orthodontic care simpler and far less invasive. By starting your children early, it makes it much simpler to complete any necessary treatment in their teen years.



Our creative solutions often make avoiding extractions and surgery possible. Don’t compromise when it comes to quality, ask us about our flexible payment options.


Non-intrusive Care for Adults

Teeth can move over time leading to dental problems such as excess wear, frequent chipping, and jaw pain. Find out if clear aligners or other non-intrusive intervention are right for you.


Chronic Pain Treatment

A healthy bite can help reduce jaw pain, headaches, TMD symptoms, and alleviate pediatric sleep disorder. Ask your doctor for a referral or book a consultation to find out if an orthodontic treatment can improve your life.


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  • 3D high definition scans
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  • Orthodontic treatment plan by our Orthodontist